1126 Douglas Road, Burnaby, Coast Salish Territory

Wellness Services

With a 2-hr session, Lloyd can lead your staff, conference guests, or board in a talking circle for healing, visioning or wellness. It can start with a smudge ceremony and be designed to support the goals of your group. 

Lloyd works with clients and organizations to provide tools and support for wellness on an ongoing basis. With a care-centred approach grounded in his Plains Cree culture, he combines years of counselling experience and life-skills development with his unique Medicine Wheel methodology. From front-line workers to executive directors, Lloyd has the training, teachings and personality to connect and support everyone to come back to balance. 

From site visits to event safe spaces, Lloyd works with organizations who want support from an Indigenous Elder. He also works in partnership with other Indigenous Elders when more support is needed. Recently, Lloyd joined Buddy Joseph, Squamish, on site with a large national conference to provide spiritual support and a safe room for conference participants. Lloyd provided smudging ceremonies, one-to-one counselling and group wellness circles throughout the four-day conference.

Lloyd is a Decolonizing Practices facilitator for clients including Vancouver Coastal Health, Vancouver General Hospital, City of Vancouver, Fisheries and Oceans Canada and Metro Vancouver. He facilitates safe spaces for courageous conversations with ceremony, teachings and his supportive coaching style. 

Lloyd Attig